Lunch 4/28/10

El Gato Negro on French Market Place.

The Black Cat serves what they call authentic Mexican dishes.  The menu is not large, but consists of tacos, fajitas, quesdillas and some steak and seafood entrees.  The list of tequilla varieties is pretty impressive for such a small establishment.  Sadly, I’m on my way to work in just a bit, so I didn’t have a margarita. I haven’t been to this spot since the week they opened, several years ago, but I thought I’d give it a try for lunch today.  There are tables outside, both on the sidewalk and in the tiny courtyard in the rear, as well as a small dining room inside where the open kitchen resides.   I chose a table in the courtyard and was greeted and ordered an ice tea and given a menu.  My waitress Maria kept my tea glass full and took pretty good care of me.

On to the food!  I ordered two tacos: one chorizo and one pulled pork and a side of beans with sour cream.  On any of the tacos or burritos you have the choice of chicken, pulled pork, filet, shrimp or veggies.  Tacos are ordered individually and come with onions and poblano peppers at a cost of $3.75 each.  Everything else is extra.  The everything else includes salsa verde, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese, as well as beans and rice.  The extras range in price from $.75-$1.75   Beans and rice are the most expensive additional items.  The beans are well worth your $1.75.  In fact, I enjoyed the beans much more than the rest of my meal.  I would certainly return for these really marvelous refried pinto beans made with some sort of spicy pork sausage–I’m going to guess chorizo, but it was hard to tell.

Tacos . . . I really believe you should be able to pick them up.  I ordered both options on corn and both the chorizo and the pulled pork came so heaped on top of the tortillas that I couldn’t pick them up to eat.  I did make an attempt with the chorizo, but the soft corn fell apart in my hands.  I ended up eating the chorizo with the chips left on the table from the complementary chips and salsa.  The chorizo filling was quite good and the crunch left in the poblano peppers was a nice touch.  The pulled pork was another story all together.  To put it quite simply: someone  forgot the salt.  The meat was bland and tasteless, despite the fact that it had some kind of red sauce on it–someone forgot the salt there as well.   I didn’t bother to finish it–interestingly enough–no one asked if there was anything wrong with it either.  Maria just picked up my 1/2 finished plate when I asked for the check.

Go for the beans and the tequila.