Domenica might be my favorite restaurant at the moment. The food is fabulous, I particularly love the brussel sprouts!
However, we’re not here to talk about dining in the restaurant. We’re here to talk about John Besh capitalizing on the fact that there aren’t very many places to pick up a good pizza to go in downtown New Orleans. Ok there aren’t any. Yes, Dominos your sauce has gotten better, but you are still not good pizza. Uptown you’ve got Slice and Theo’s . . . downtown you have to go ALL the way to SugarPark to get good pizza takeout.
John Besh is a genius.
Let me tell you why: You can order your pizza online at
You pay for your pizza with Paypal!
How awesome is that?
I filled out my order form, ordered my pizza and headed over to the CBD to pick it up. I will tell you that the order time does not take as long as they say it does and my pizza was only luke warm when I picked it up. That’s okay–into an oven set at 125 degrees and the pizzas perked right back up! We ordered two of the pizzas to share between four of us–and that seemed to be about right. Pizza is one size fits all at Domenica. I think one is just enough for two people to share. Pizza is picked up from the bar. The poor bartender had no idea what was going on, I think this was his first online order!

We had the Proscuitto pizza with tomato, mozzarella, and arugula. This is one of my favorite flavor profiles and the pizza was nice–not too much sauce, not too much cheese, and crispy crust. We also ordered the Pepper and Goat cheese pizza, which was good, and seemed to be the preferred pizza of my dining companions, but I like salt so proscuitto is right up my alley!

Pizzas are about $13 each. A big step up from any of the downtown delivery options! If you haven’t been to Domenica yet, go . . .if you can’t afford Domenica pick up pizza! Come on . . . you know you are dying to have an anchovies and mortadella pizza or perhaps the wild mushroom, fontina, bacon and yard egg. I believe the last is my favorite!