It isn’t that I haven’t been eating . . . I’ve just developed a need to get some more motivation to write. I’ve got several restaurants to review–so I’m going to put myself on a feature schedule. My goal is to get you three reviews a week, whenever I’ve got restaurants that meet the requirements. I’m going to start with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday format.

Monday will either be a breakfast blog or a special feature on a bar. This is an either or because I rarely get up for breakfast, but frequently visit bars–I’ll be highlighting both hotel bars and local establishments in the French Quarter and surrounding areas. Other special features might include special food, wine, or cocktail events, whether I’m going or just as information for my readers.

Wednesday will feature lunch. You can expect to see reviews of diners, plate lunch joints, po boy shops and places that close at 3pm in this catagory. I’ve got a couple of these floating around in my head already!

Friday, of course will be dinner. I’ll also try and fill in with special events going on during the weekend coming including shows, music picks and sporting events!

Its now Thursday so I’ll get going with my new format starting tomorrow!

As a teaser you can expect to see, in the next couple of weeks: The Pelican Club gets 5 stars . . . do they really deserve it? Oh wonderful wine parings at Le Meritage! Yes the President called them “shrimps” . . . lunch at the Parkway, Look what I found in St. Bernard, and Did you think Festival Season was almost over?

I’m also more than happy to take suggestions for blog topics and would love to hear your feedback!